About Me

Hello! I'm part way through my second year at the University of Michigan, studying Computer Science.

I am a Michigan native, an avid rock climber, and am pretty decent at Rocket League. Having a childhood littered with tinkering and computer games, I became interested in technology at a very young age. Fostering that interest, I've discovered that I also enjoy engineering, working with others, and the thrill of an occasional coding sprint.

Feel free to check out some of my projects below!

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If you're trying to find my resume, look no further.


Here are some of my favorites!

Cryptography Analysis

An investigation into various, known vulnerablities in cryptography. Explores Length-Extension and Hash Collision attacks within the MD5 hash function.

Weather Balloon Payload

Measuring atmospheric turbulence experienced by commercial airliners using an Arduino framework coded in C, a custom PCB, and various sensors.

Smart Mirror

Displaying morning routine information such as weather, music, and calendar on a mirror for easy use. Based on an open-source JavaScript framework.