Statistics For the 2015/16 Season

Stats Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo
Goals 18 25
Goal Ratio 0.83 1.04
Goals Per Minute 1 goal per 98 minutes 1 goal per 87 minutes
Hat-Tricks 1 3
Assists 7 8
Apperances 21 24
UEFA Super Cup
UEFA Champions League
Club World Cup
Ballon D'or

In Our Opinion

In our opinion, Ronaldo is obviously the better scoring machine,
but this is due to the fact that Messi's goals are also split between
3 other world class forwards. Messi has more trophies and is obviously
more of a team player, won the Ballon D'or, and is creating many chances for his team.

Messi wins.


You're on a FC Barcelona fan page what did you expect.

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